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Radiometric dating sedimentary

Throughout the group's existence, individual dinosaur species were evolving and going extinct.Some species diverged and gave rise to other species, while others disappeared.

Recently, many scientists have come to the conclusion that, while dinosaurs may have disappeared, one dinosaur lineage had evolved into birds long before the extinction event that wiped out the other dinosaurs -- and so, in a sense, dinosaurs are still around today.

Major evolutionary transformations take much, much longer. Radiometric dating, a method that measures the level of radioactive decay in rocks to determine how old they are has consistently aged moon rocks and meteorites at 4.4 to 4.6 billion years old.

Ages of these types of rocks provide the most accurate estimates of the age of Earth and the rest of the solar system because they have not been subjected to the same forces that recycle Earth's crust.

Articles such as the one listed above present eons-long fossil fuel formation as undisputed fact.

But both science and the Bible indicate that oil and gas were not "millions of years in the making," but are only thousands of years old.

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So where is the evidence that points to millions of years?

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