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It is just another diversion of the air..the air that is diverted to change from floor, vent, defrost.You shouldn't feel cheated in some way if you don't understand or use it. The A/C system in your car either takes in outside air, however hot it is, or air from have allergies...recycled air will be recirculating through the filter without the additional allergens being introduced from outside air. By the time you smell the cattle trailer, it is too late.Who would want to recirculate smelly air with your own exhales?(Especially since I just spent a small fortune on AC repairs in my 4 year old car, compressor was shot, and since I purchased used the warranty...well, grrr, don't get me started!)Never really thought about AC or how it works before, and am going to read my owner's manual now for maximum performance.I use the recirculated air function in my car quite often, especially when the air quality is unhealthy. They must consider it a profitable option.t just recirculates the air thats already in the car.

The "feature" doesn't add cost (or very little) to have it.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.For the life of me I have yet to figure out why all cars have this?Having lived in Canada (BC) most of my life, while my cars all had air conditioning, I rarely used it apart from the odd time in summer.Living in Virginia now, though, this is an informative thread for me.

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It takes a lot more energy to keep that average temperature at 70, say, when the air being cooled is 90 than when it's 75 or 80.

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