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With due allowance for such unavoidable occurrences, it is believed that these volumes will be found to contain the full story of the life of every subject, at least to a late date in 1903. Afterwards she went to Italy, where she was taught by Lamperti. His practical interest in city affairs caused him to be elected in the city council from 1869-'75, and from 1872-'73 he was its president.The portraits and other illustrations are designed to supplement the text, and not merely to serve as ornaments. It was by the influence of the latter that she made her debut in Messina in 1870 as Amina. She adopted the name Albani at her debut, thus honoring the city where her musical talent was first encouraged. On leav- ing the council he was elected as a Re- publican to the gen- eral assembly of the state, and in 1876 was speaker of the house.It differs from all other works of the kind, some of which are unquestionably excellent, in three notable particulars : It gives the genealogies of the subjects, so far as they can be ascertained ; it notes their marriages — an important event in most lives, but unmentioned in the ordinary biographical dictionaries ; and it gives full and specific information as to schol- astic degrees and other honors that have been conferred. VII Hexry Wadsworth Longfellow AVilliam Mc Kixley James Madison- James Monroe Samuel Fixley Breese j NIorse Vol. X Zachary Taylor John Tyler Martin A' an Burex George AA'ashix(;tox Daniel AVebster CONTRIBUTORS Tlie following is a partial list of those iv Jio have assisted in the j^reparation of this ivork : Russell B. All around me, on earth, in the far heavens, were multitudes of forms, all silent but all demanding place; and none might help me, none to say ' here ' or ' there' ; I only in this mighty realm to apjioint, to assign.AH this has not been accomplished by the editors alone. VIII Oliver Hazard Perry Fraxklix Pierce J.\MES Knox Polk Vol. I was set down in the Louvre a boy from the woods of that new world, no idle spectator." While in Flor- ence he executed two bas-reliefs, "Night" and "Morning," for Samuel Appleton, Boston, and sent home several portrait busts. When the ancient Greek poet, in a famous ode, declared that men constitute the state, — "high-minded men, men who their duties know, but know their rights, and, knowing, dare maintain," — and when a modern writer pointed out the fact that the men behind the guns are the real power, they both indicated the foundation of history and the motive force of civilization. In 1850 he ojiened a studio in Portland, Me., and made of the poet Longfellow, Neal, Governor Gilman of New Hampshire, Professor Cleaveland of Bowdoin college, Samuel Ajipleton of Bostim, and other prominent men, which gave him considerable reputation. PREFACE It may not be strictly true, though more than one great writer has said it, that history is nothing more than biography; but certainly it is true that biography is a very large and important part of history, and it is not possible to write biography without writing history. Franklin George Adams, Secretary Kansas Historical Society. The next winter he spent at home and executed a medallion head and the bust of the village doctor, and a head of Christ.

The reader should bear in mind tliat a work as large as this cannot be put through the press in a day. In 1856 he travelled in Switzerland, Germany, France and Great Britain.

They have been assisted by a very large number of special contributors, and by hbrarians and college secretaries throughout the country. Farragut Millard Fillmore Benjamin Franklin Melville W. In 1854 he spent some time in Wasliington, modelling the busts of distinguished men, among them Presi- dent Pierce, Edward Everett, Gerrit Smith, and Sam Houston. I., where he made busts of sev- eral prominent persons.

In every instance where it was possible to apply for data to the subject himself, or to his immediate family, this has been done ; and a large amount of fresh and exclusive information is the result. In 1855 he again went to Italy and remained there three years, produc- ing in Florence and Rome some of his best-known works, among which were: "Una and tlie Lion," "St.

11, 1853 ; son of Crayton and Harriet (Carroll) Ainsworth ; grandson of Roswell Moulton Ainsworth. at the University of the city of New York, and was appointed from Vermont assist- ant surgeon in the U. His reading was directed solely by his inclination, and he read Plato, Ari.stotle and Dante, and afterwards German and French Uterature.

In 1870 he translated and edited "The Proverbs of Solomon Theologically and Homiletically Expounded." He died at Prince- ton. In 1866 he was elected to represent his district in the 40th Con- gress, while the state was under a provisional governor, and he was not seated. AINSWORTH, Frederick Crayton, soldier, was born at Woodstock, Vt., Sept. His first eflfort in marble was the rough life-like outline of a neighbor who periodically the shop.

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AIKEN, Charles Augustus, educator, was born at Manchester, Vt., Oct. Here he continuetl the jmictice of law, and on the agita- tion of the subject of secession in 18o9-'60, lie stubjornly opposed the measure.