I give up on dating and relationships

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I give up on dating and relationships

"They aren’t always able to roll with it if their partner deviates from the plan.

Additionally, they're learning to open up emotionally and not always make decisions from a practical standpoint, but from their heart." Advice for Dating One: "Spoil them.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money, but it should appear as if you thoughtfully planned things.

O.) and Taurus tendencies (since your Venus sign influences how you are in relationships)."They can help their partner move forward when they get stuck, and their ability to analyze things from all angles make them excellent problem-solvers." Weaknesses: "Geminis may have trouble enjoying the moment because they overthink things or get antsy and start anticipating future hypothetical scenarios.They can forget to appreciate something great happening in the present and their partners could feel slighted." Advice for Dating One: "Make it interesting.Cancers are learning to realize that other people are not as intuitive and emotionally sensitive.When they remember this, they can give their partners the benefit of the doubt." Advice for Dating One: "Tune into their mood," suggests Shea.

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