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Dating sites sault ste marie ontario

Today, the Amish population in Canada stands at nearly 5,000.

The Canadian Amish population ranks 11th among all states and provinces, between Illinois (10th) and Minnesota (12th) (see Amish Studies web site and ).

As a result, the first official settlement was not established within Canada until the founding of Quebec by Samuel de Champlain in 1608.

Canada, the most developed colony of New France, was divided into three districts, Québec, Trois-Rivières, and Montréal, each with its own government.

GAMEO notes that “Later Canadian restrictions have, however, caused some Amish to return to the United States.

This has caused most Ontario Amish settlements to remain at one to two church districts (congregations)” (see ).

The oldest and largest is found near the town of Norwich (founded 1954, 4 church districts). Other Amish settlements in Ontario Besides those mentioned above, Ontario was home to 9 more Amish settlements as of 2011 (see Amish Studies).

An indication of different origins are the family names found in this settlement.Pathway also publishes pamphlets, and textbooks used in Amish schools.The Heritage Historical Library in the Aylmer settlement is a repository of books and historical documents relating to Amish and Anabaptist history.At over a half-century in existence, this community is one of Canada’s oldest, and consists of 3 church districts.A second Amish community, (not a Swartzentruber group), is also found near Chesley (1 church district).

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