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Reportedly, Natascha ‘cried and cried’ on hearing the news that he was dead.There was speculation that she was suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ when hostages feel empathy or sympathy toward their captors.She spent 8 and a half years under strict captivity by her kidnapper, and managed to survive one of the cruelest experiences a child should never have.Antonia Campbell-Hughes lost 64 pounds to play the role of Natascha Kampusch.Speculation was rife – theories of paedophilia gangs, a serial killer or even organ theft. Natascha, now 18, was pale, shaken and weighed only 7st 7lb – almost the same as when she’d disappeared aged 10. She’d been held captive for 3,096 days – the title of her later memoir. And as she began to talk, a terrible tale unfolded.

I lay stiff with fright on his bed as he lay down next to me and tied my wrists to his with plastic cuffs. She described that she tried to remain motionless, cuffed to the bed as he breathed down her neck. Her book reveals that despair forced her to attempt suicide several times. Until August 2006, when she was found running terrified through the streets of a Viennese suburb.An investigation was launched, police searched hundreds of minivans.She said Priklopil would beat her up to 200 times a week, starve her, threatened to kill her and kept her half-naked.Her body was always covered in a jigsaw of bruises.

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